The only card that works like a check. Cascade Central Credit Union’s ATM/Debit card is a convenient way to pay for purchases at millions of VISA locations worldwide without:

  • Having to write a check
  • Having to carry cash
  • Building up a monthly credit card balance

You can also easily access your accounts for cash withdrawals at any ATM location with the Visa, ACCEL or Plus logos.

It's convenient and easy to use! Present your CCCU ATM/Debit Card to the merchant, just say "Credit", sign the receipt and you are on your way! The funds are deducted automatically from your checking account. No checkbook to carry, no check to write, and there is no need to wait for check approval. If you would like cash back on your transaction, choose the “Debit” option, input your pin number and choose the amount of cash back you would like.

It's welcomed almost anywhere! Any merchant that accepts VISA will accept your CCCU ATM/Debit Card. Use it at restaurants, gas stations, clothing and grocery stores...anywhere you see the VISA Card logo.

It's Free! There is no annual fee and no charge for VISA Debit Card purchases.

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